Hunter and fire

Without a doubt there are a dozen blog posts that could be written about this shoot. The abs, the fire, Hunter, the nitty gritty photo side of things. This is my friend Hunter. He is a total badass soccer player. A while back I we spent two hours at Chick-Fil-A eating food and talking in preparation for a photoshoot. We talked about photo ideas, his car, what he plans to do with his life. This is the kind of prep work that goes into a good shoot, getting to know the subject, their background, their interests, getting to know your subject as a person can do so much for a shoot. That helps when you then ask "So lets stand you in fire. You cool with that? Rain, lets make it rain too" "This is safe right? "Uhhh of course" That ladies and gentlemen is how I cam to stand my friend in fire (yes, its real), while making it rain for a photo. We had a great time shooting that night and Hunter totally killed it.