I have a vision. A vision to become a photographer. A vision to work in commercial photography. A vision to be an artist. I have a plan. A plan of how to implement this vision successfully. What I am going to be writing in the following months is my plan. It's my idea. My idea of how to launch myself into the photography and art worlds. I will explain my short and long term plans and strategies. I will explain the theories behind these ideas. I will explain how they work. I will explain why they work. The best starting place for all of this is, of course, my backstory. To understand how and why I have postulated my ideas it is important to understand what has influenced me up to this point. The ideas I will be presenting to you are mine through and through but they have been refined, challenged, and rethought with the help of many many others. From the books I've read, to the blogs I read, to the people I have had coffee with, to the music I listen to and the movies I watch, many things and many different people have influenced me, my ideas, and the way I think. 

My idea is very complex and very detailed so I will try to explain it as thoroughly and systematically as I can. I have the need and desire to publish the idea for two audiences: my clients and fellow photographers. 

I need to explain it for clients because what I am going to be doing is so very different from what they will have seen for the market I need to make sure they know what to expect. I have stood someone in fire and made it rain on them while I took their photo. There really is no telling what someone could be asked to do for a shoot. My clients need to understand this. My photography will certainly not be for everyone, which I understand, so I need to explain and SHOW them how I make my photos so that the people who do want it will be fully prepared. 

I want to show the process to photographers in hopes that someone might be able to learn something. I am just starting out. I am creating a brand. I am going to start a business. I am going to create a portfolio. You will get to see me go through the processes, you will see success, and you will (more importantly) see [many] failures. It is so unique and complex that being the imagineer behind it, I am the only person who can implement it in this way and on this scale.  Other photographers cannot copy my idea and implement it. It just doesn't work like that, however I want to expose the details so that others can see the process through which I am going in order to find MY idea so that perhaps it can help someone else find THEIR idea. So get ready y'all, here it comes….