Egypt - Part 3 - Trip to Luxor, Land of the Kings and Queens

As a side trip from Cairo we went south to Luxor, Land of the Kings Queens and all that other good stuff. Aside from all the joy of seeing tombs that are thousands of years old, the fun part of Luxor was the Luxor Temple and the Temples at Karnak. Think The Ten Commandments in person. It is a understatement to say that these temples are big/large/huge/gigantic/InsertLargeAdjectiveHere.  When you walk into it you look all directions and see massive pillars. MASSIVE. There extend in 16 rows, 134 pillars in total. I would have hated to have been the slave that had the 'privilege' of building the temple. So here are tonights photos.... 

 These days everyone is a photographer........


Gisele's Story [preview]

  In the Fall of 2010 I had the privilege of interviewing a friend named Gisele, and I am proud say that some of the footage is finally online. Gisele lived in Berlin, Germany in the 1940s. "In front of our house there were like 26 bombs that fell over a period of time." Gisele continued, "All during the war I was there when the bombing was going on, and that was pretty scary. When we sit in the basement lots of times and we would see stuff fall off the ceiling and the house would shake and we would hear the bombs and things when they were hitting. It was pretty scary then, we didn't know if we would get out again or not or if that was our last day of life."

  "In Berlin it was pretty scarce. We got so much on our ration cards, hut it wasn't a whole lot. They used to say it was too much to die, but not enough to live on. I went to get my ration card and they said 'Well, we don't need more people in Berlin, so why don't you go back where you came from.' "

  Hollywood couldn't make this up, and it would really be hard for them to dramatize it. This is the real story. This was Germany.

[This is just a preview, the entire project should be released sometime this summer. Lord willing I will be able to post it somewhere online for everyone to see.]