I broke my Nalgene | A shattering experience

  As I walked out of the hotel room, I casually threw my Nalgene from the second story balcony. I turned to head down the stairs. I heard a thud, and a loud crack.....

  I love Nalgene. Everyone who has used a Nalgene  loves it. Nalgene is a rock solid product, and an [almost]  unbreakable water bottle. Hands down, the Nalgene is the favored bottle of most any outdoor person. One thing everyone loves is the fact that you just cannot seem to break a Nalgene. I don't know if their design is just that good or if they were dabbling in the dark arts when they started making those bottles.  They are brilliantly durable. For example, the bottle I broke was at least 15 years old, and it survived both my brother's and my scouting career.

  How I broke it. This is the question everyone has been asking (most people do not know that you can break a Nalgene). I stepped out of our hotel room and tossed my bottle from the second story balcony, aiming for the grass below. I missed and hit the sidewalk by about two inches. So there you have it, you can in fact break a Nalgene.