Make good art

Tonight a complete stranger after seeing only one pf my photos sent me a message on Facebook that told me how awesome my work was. I smiled, thought how awesome that person is, and tweeted about it. My friend Ryan tweeted back at me and said the following "enjoy it for 5 sec, then shake it off. you'll get a random email from someone telling you the photos are dog poo sometime // good/bad praise comes from the same place and dwelling on it only distracts from making good work." So why does he say this? Why does this matter? If you want to make good art (that art can be photography, painting, a pot of soup, or underwater basket weaving) there is a very simple process. I shall explain. 

Step 1 -> make art that interests you and that you think is good.
Step 2 -> rinse, lather, and repeat 

In the end what EVERYONE else says or thinks about your art simply does not matter. If you start listening to other peoples opinion and creating art to please that you will start creating poo. Your art is a reflection of you as an artist and your view of the world around you. Don't muddy your art with other peoples opinions. If you want to create good art, create for yourself only, don't create for anyone else. This doesn't mean you cant heed wisdom or critique from others, but be sure your motives are pure when you go to make art the next time. What you like and what motivates you will be your best work. Trust me. 

since every blog post is better with a photo, here's my oolong tea I drank the last time Ryan and I conversed face to face