Europe. Again.

If you don't know me, I travel. Lots. Just over two weeks ago I returned to the states after completing my fifth through seventh weeks in Europe so far this year. This trip I was spending time in Romania and Italy. Italy has been my bucket list country to visit just about since I can remember. It didn't disappoint. The countryside, food, people, old things, wine, and art were all beyond belief. One day while I was in Rome I was sitting there in the Sistine Chapel looking at the Michelangelo paintings and the though occurred to me: could the art being produced today be lauded for hundreds of years after it's created? BETTER QUESTION: how much of the junk being shoved out of  'creative' outlets is even art? Pondering these questions has created an interesting shift in my thinking, and is creating a shift in my photography. So I ask you: could your work be looked at fo hundreds of years and still be a definitive style/look/theme? Food for thought.
Naples, Italy