Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

Tomorrow night I have a personal shoot. Time, money, and a lot of mental stress from repeatedly rescheduling are all going into this shoot. I am shooting with more lighting than I have ever used before. To correctly execute this shoot my lighting will have to be very precise. I am shooting a subject on a white background, while they are covered in white (this is likely something like shooting clear and having a clear background). I am, to say the least, nervous. 

I will always remember recording one of the Houston Symphony cellists as part of a project I was working on a few years ago. The cellist we recorded is experienced  She has been Playing with the Houston Symphony for 37 years. When we were going to start the recording session she came straight from a concert and when she sat down she asked for a few moments before we started recording. She was nervous from the concert. In case you missed that, she has been playing with the Houston Symphony for 37 years and she still gets nervous when she performs. 

I was talking with a mentor about my upcoming shoot and I asked him if the nervousness the night before a shoot ever goes away and he told me that I need it, otherwise I am in the wrong career. Truer words were never spoken. 

Stay nervous. Don't get comfortable. That is when things are the most exciting.   Keep it an adventure....