Weddings are fun. Weddings are happy. Weddings are emotional.

Weddings have drama. Weddings have tears. Weddings have cake.

While much of the work on my site is portraits, I do shoot a lot of weddings. For the past 5 years I have been documenting peoples weddings. Photographing weddings is an incredibly moving experience.  On a wedding day I get to step into someones life. I get to see the tears, the smiles, the family drama. I get to see emotion. That excites me. A lot. I love to be with people and take part in the small moments, the quiet moments. I love big weddings that are a party with a ton of friends. I also love small intimate weddings. When I am happiest is when the couple is celebrating in their own way, in the way that makes them happy. 

I'd love to talk with you more about your day. Call me (281.908.0354), email me (, or send a pigeon with a note.